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The Vikings need a running back. The Saints have an extra running back. The Vikings may have heard of him.

At one level, it makes plenty of sense for the Vikings not to bring back Adrian Peterson as the roster replacement for Dalvin Cook. At another level, that ship has sailed, for both parties.

But maybe the ship can sail back. Seven years after the failed Randy Moss return, maybe Peterson would welcome the chance to return to Minnesota and get 15 carries a game, truly splitting time with Latavius Murray and Jerick McKinnon, over his current MIA status in New Orleans, a team that game him four carries on Sunday.

For the season, Peterson have 27 carries for 81 yards with the Saints. During a decade with the Vikings, he had at least 27 carries in a single game SIXTEEN TIMES.

There may be behind-the-scenes factors that keep this from ever happening, including possible hard feelings from Peterson about never getting an offer from the Vikings before or after becoming a free agent or from the Vikings about things said about the team’s offensive line and/or a general sense that Peterson didn’t fully appreciate the extent to which the Vikings stood behind him in 2014, when Peterson missed 15 games due to child-abuse charges.

Regardless, the Vikings need a running back and Peterson surely wants to go elsewhere. Why not let bygones be bygones and go back to the place where it all started?

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